ZipScore is an automated underwriting mechanism which generates a credit score for each loan applicant- also called “fingerprint underwriting”.
Every small business is unique and the limited parameters used by traditional lending institutions cannot capture the peculiarities of such businesses. To address this, ZipLoan has developed a proprietary scorecard “ZipScore” to underwrite each business segment separately.

Key Elements of ZipScore

  • Captures Data from Qualified Databases
  • 1000+ Data Points
  • 45 Variables
  • Real Time Credit Decisioning
  • Removes Human Bias
Zipscore Zipscore

How ZipScore is unique than Credit Score


  • ZipScore is multi dimensional since it takes into account banking behaviour, business transactions, financial data, web & social data other than loan repayment track record.
  • There is a ZipScore for each business segment as ZipScore treats a manufacturer very differently from a trader.

Credit Score

  • Multi-dimensional- Credit is uni-dimensional as it only looks at loan repayment track record.
  • Unique- Across the 60 MN MSMEs, there are close to 1000 different type of businesses. Credit underwrites all of these businesses on same scale